Using Server Guide to Install a Windows Server OS on the IBM x3850 m2

So you would think that you could just insert the Windows Server disk and click next > next > next > until the OS is installed… right?


There are specialized components in the IBM x3850M2 which require drivers that Win2k3 Win2k8 and Win2k12 do not have built in….like the raid controller….

Attempting a normal install yields nasty error messages and ultimately a failed install.
To make your life a little easier, IBM has created an installer companion disk called ServerGuide that you run first.

This application starts you off by allowing you to access and configure the Raid Controller for the 4 drive bays in the front of the device (and externally via the miniSAS port on the back if you choose.)
Once the RAID config is completed and you answer all the questions, you can proceed to remove the ServerGuide CD and insert the OS disk when prompted…..the install starts all on it’s own.
The screenshot below shows serverguide RAID config in action.

Here is where you can download Server Guide for the OS of your Choice….yes the Server guide has to match the OS you are installing.

IBM keeps changing its links to ServerGuide so you’re on your own – Search for the ServerGuide Disk image thats right for you