Spectrum April 1, 1990

This is an old flyer from back in the day. Found it among my things…. yes, I have a slight hoarding problem. Good new is that I found it whilst I was cleaning.

Best 10 Free software solutions for techies

Best 10 Free software solutions for techies pfsense – Awesome Free firewall freephoneline – Free Canadian Telephone line Google Voice – Free VOIP from Google. Jing – capture basic video, animation, and still images, and share them on the web. WinSCP – open source free SFTP client Read More …

CP Holiday Train 2016

http://www.cpr.ca/holiday-train/canada Went to see the CP Holiday Train.  Just awesome – amazing lights Toronto 750 Runnymede Road, in front of Lambton Yard 2016-11-28 8:15 PM 8:30 PM – 9:00 PM Dallas Smith and Odds      

Common Linux Commands

Common Linux Commands Command Description cat [filename] Display file’s contents to the standard output device (usually your monitor). cd /directorypath Change to directory. chmod [options] mode filename Change a file’s permissions. chown [options] filename Change who owns a file. clear Read More …