Old Skool

Remember the Good old days?

  • Church basement dances
  • Ginos and Ginas
    • Big Hair for the girls
    • Mullets with “Wings” for the guys (I’m looking at you Joe Liquid Draino!)
  • Friday Night Yonge Street Cruise
  • Madonna Bracelets
  • China Slippers
  • Black Shoes and White Socks
  • Saturday Night Paparazzi – Teste Catz…I’ll pick you up at 9 sharp….
    • Lets not forget…Plastique, Money, Berlin, Helium, Shock, Industry, Limelite, RPM, Orchid, Club Energy, Club 108 and The Docks, Atlantis, Whiskey Saigon, Fusion, Joker, Fluid, and Palazzo!
  • IROCs and Stangs – Leo’s Rollin’ in his 5.0 with the ragtop down so his hair can curl!
  • Friday night drinking and campfires at the Scarborough Bluffs
  • Cudia Park hangouts?
  • Brother….Are you FREAKIN’ OUT ?
  • Garage Talks with Mr.Gioia
    • Regular guests appearing on Garage talks:
      • Sebbbyyyyyy
      • Vito and Johnny C.
      • Liquid Draino
      • Mr. Gioia himslef
      • DJ Ralph with his pair of DJ1200’s and his Boss DR-550!
  • So much more…..

Shout out to the No Frills Crews from all the Scarborough stores!
Shout Out to Lou Fallico!
Screw you HANS AND FRANZ!!!!!  Maybe YOU should go unload the truck!

Here’s a little music mix from the era!
Please enjoy responsibly!
Scroll to the bottom to see an authentic flyer from a “famous” 1990 dance we all went to…..