Dammit Fletcher…Wake up!!!

The “Fearless leader” sleeps.

…The daily nap gives him a sense of power and allows him to have “room for optimism” in his daily fumbling…..

“Hey guys… Look at me!…..I’m an amazing negotiator, I negotiated us out of a contract, it only cost us $1 million”

….what a lazy ass. WAKE UP YOU LAZY ASS !!!!

Bob… . You treated people very poorly at epost, specifically your team and those below you on the org chart.
No one likes you….they pretend to  like you …but trust me…no one likes you.
I don’t hate anyone in this world except you and Justin Trudeau.
There are many similarities.
You are both condescending, narcissistic, sociopaths who will step on people’s basic human rights to get what you want
…..but you are slightly worse because in addition to all that, you loved tormenting people. Some exampls that you will remember are…..
Unfounded accusations of theft  – Sun CDRom and  The Lan Rack
The guilt trips you pushed on the Operations guys for missing meaningless batch jobs.
Pushing people to tears, threatening peoples employment.
….you are an all around shitty human being.

I have always hated you and you royally suck balls.
One day, the universe will repay you for the things you have done to your team.

I put up this webpage in hopes that you and people who know you will see it.
I truly hope that one day I can tell you everything I want to tell you, face-to-face.

I hope that day comes before you die you decrepit old bastard.

If anyone wants to hear Fletcher stories, I am happy to oblige
Contact me today!

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