“The Zion King” Grace Powers

Exposing hidden and suppressed facts about the Royal Family and their disgusting and evil history.

PART ONE: THE FAIRYTALE WEDDING Behind the scenes at the fairytale wedding of the century

PART TWO: INBREEDING The madness, perversions and genetic defects of the Queen’s inbred royal relatives

PART THREE: HOW RICH IS FILTHY RICH? The Queen’s wealth is estimated at $30 trillion. How did this one family manage to hoard most of the world’s wealth over the centuries?

PART FOUR: THE PRINCESS DIARIES Meet Princess Diana’s real father, brothers and sister.

PART FIVE: THE PRINCE DIARIES Is Prince William a carrier of the bloodline of Christ?

PART SIX: SATAN OR SAVIOR? Two thousand years ago the Book Of Revelation predicted that Satan would take possession of an earthly Prince. Is Prince William the Antichrist of prophecy?

PART SEVEN: TEMPLE OF DOOM Why was “Jerusalem” the featured hymn at Prince William’s wedding?

PART EIGHT: SEEING IS BELIEVING Take a “seeing-is-believing” tour of 5 U.S. cities where landmarks, monuments and murals clearly illustrate humanity’s future in plain sight.

PART NINE: THE UNHOLY TRINITY Humanity’s invisible enemy is the Sabbatean Frankists.

PART TEN: THE ZION KING The temple where the World King will rule in 2015 is already under construction in Jerusalem.

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