St Maria Goretti School, Scarborough, Ontario

When I was small, I attended the best Catholic Elementary School ever!
St Maria Goretti School in Scarborough Ontario.

Below are the words to the St. Maria Goretti School Song.

I wish I knew who wrote it so I could confirm the words and give credit.

This was sung after each Goretti mass and after announcements some mornings when I was a kid.
Mr. Shields and Mrs.John would lead all the students to sing this at ever assembly as well.

This is how I remember it…..

St. Maria Goretti Song

We are Maria Goretti,
and we work hard to get where we are,
when the bell rings the wheels start turning
each day brings the sun shining through,
work hard, play hard that’s what we do
at St. Maria Goretti
our banner is ready
St. Maria Goretti School.

Ave Maria Allelu Allelu

Maria Goretti we sing this song for you.

Here in the halls of Goretti,
as we listen we might hear a sound,
as the choir sings the spirit echoes
each day brings us closer to God
work hard pray hard that’s what we do
at St. Maria Goretti
our banner is ready
St. Maria Goretti School.

……ahhhh….The good old days!

Lets not forget:

  • Rowena’s with the Flax
  • We can cross the street at lunch to go see Vivian at Star Wars Burgers, get fries and play Yie Ar Kung-Fu
  • No Rules British Bulldog in the Snow
  • Uncle Bobby Drives our bus
  • Running Cross Country practice in the halls
  • The amazing Leadership of Mr. Duggan
  • The worst Teacher ever Mr Roach
  • Mrs. Taggio, day trip to the Toronto waterfront
  • Handball
  • That Game where we throw the ball as high and has hard as possible against the wall and you had to catch the rebound on one bounce or else you’r out.
  • Playing G-Force in the yard….I am Keyops – called it.
  • Celebrating Carnival every winter in the big yard – I remember the hot chocolate.
  • And who can forget the crazy Music classes with Mr. Chodlack (I hope I spelled it right)




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